February 2019 with Local Homebuilders & Rad Wedding Clients

February was kind of a weird month for us. We started out thinking it would be a bit of a slower month, but last minute bookings kept things rolling!

In order of events, we were able to…

  1. Revise a video for NHRMC that explained the Employee Benevolent Fund and how it helped fellow employees in a time of distress.

  2. Document a Led Zeppelin cover band with Ben Woods of Ben David Films.

  3. Photographed 7 Intracoastal Realty Headshots, all on different days but at my SECRET SPOT.

  4. Film a promo video for Ashley Whitley of Next Realty.

  5. Shoot some Gardens for Intracoastal Magazine.

  6. Updated photos and the video for Atlantic View through Logan Homes.

  7. Shoot several properties for the fine gentlemen at Hardee Hunt and Williams.

  8. Photographed parts of Ocean Isle Beach for a new development Logan Homes is drumming up.

  9. Took some new headshots for National Speed.

  10. Fly to New Orleans to shoot a promo video for Angel Oak Home Loans.

  11. Document Intracoastal Realty’s annual awards ceremony.

  12. Update Tru Colors Brewing’s headshots.

  13. Shoot marketing photos for the renovated Schwartz Center by Monteith Construction.

  14. Shot an awesome wedding downtown with some moody/overcast lighting.

  15. Worked on the Good Beer Show with my friend Ben Woods again, where I had the honor of working beside Dean Goodyear.

  16. Photographed PCYP at Pour Taproom.

  17. Worked on some new promo content at St James Plantation.

  18. Drove up to Richmond VA to shoot some new Mopar content for National Speed with the fabulous sales guy, Elrich.

  19. Shot photo/video with 3 awesome shooters of another wedding in Downtown Wilmington.

  20. Shot a muddy boot preview video with Logan Homes as they broke ground in a new development.

  21. Shot an Event Launch Video for Untappd as they plan to host the world largest Beerfest.

  22. Had a meeting at Thalian Hall regarding TedX Airlie, which I personally had the honor of producting.

  23. Documented CREW Awards Ceremony, both photo & video!

Checkout some of our favorite moments in February!


New Website, New Monthly Blog Commitment

I have been really bad about blogging throughout my entire career as a photographer, so here goes nothing.

Expect 1 blog post a month starting in 2019. Consider it a monthly update.

I plan to list out my frustrations while showcasing everything that was tackled, month by month.

wilmington nc photographer-2.jpg

Welcome 2019

We’re ready for you.

From a neighbors retirement, to headshots in Charleston, Sc - January had us scatter brained. We have never, EVER, had this many solid video production leads out there. Trying to get a lot hard dates set for February and March, but receiving a call back in January can be tough (right after the holidays in particular).

Overall, we stayed SUPER BUSY though!

  1. We got to photograph a neighbors retirement, he was a firefighter so that was awesome.

  2. Shot some toboggans and food for K-38.

  3. Photographed 9 Intracoastal Realty Headshots, all on different days in different locations.

  4. Helped out Hardee Hunt & Williams with a few last minute listings.

  5. Photographed 3 different programs for CFCC as they push forward on their new website.

  6. Updated photos and the video for Atlantic View through Logan Homes, who just listing companies over to Cadence Realty.

  7. Went in a bucket truck and photographed some linemen students, that was sketch.

  8. Photographed parts of Ocean Isle Beach for a new development Logan Homes is drumming up.

  9. Took some new headshots for National Speed.

  10. Developed 2 new 30 Second Youtube for National Speed that were Mopar and Mustang Specific.

  11. Managed aerial imagery for Cape Fear Commercial and their new listing in Monkey Junction.

  12. Updated some Cape Fear Commercial Headshots.

  13. Completed a video testimonial for the NHRMC Benevolent Fund and debuted it at a huge hospital event.

  14. Photographed the play and musical Evita for 2 nights straight as the broadway group needed updated marketing content.

  15. Photographed brand new specials at Cruz Restaurant, yes I ate the quesadilla.

  16. Photographed a hands on Firefighter class in Castle Hayne.

  17. Completed two testimonial videos for Logan Homes and previous homeowners.

  18. Photographed Coastal Beverage because it’s going up for sale.

  19. Photographed Harrington Square for Logan Homes in their hopes to when a MAX Award in Feb!

  20. Took some behind the scenes photos of my friend Marissa as she puts together Casa Blanca.

  21. Traveled to Brevard, NC to shoot some waterfall engagement photos.

  22. Partnered up with Lisa Leath of Leath HR to provide the best recruitment videos in town. We hosted an event with the Wilmington Chamber at Holiday Inn, WB.

  23. We shot some test product photos for Walex out of Leland, NC.

  24. We traveled to RDU to photograph new headshots and loan status update videos for Angel Oak Home Loans.

  25. While in RDU with AO Home Loans we got to shoot a video that documented their event at Urban Axes.

  26. We shot fabrics for MFANO and Pender Creek Design Company at the owners home in Cary, NC.

  27. We then traveled to Hilton Head and Charleston to photograph even more headshots and film more loan status update videos for Angel Oak Home Loans.

  28. We finished off the month with a beautiful engagement session with Lane & Somer, who get married this February!